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哈佛 MBA ESSAY 写作解析

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Essay 1: Tell us about something you did well. (400 words)

Similar to the “three accomplishments” essay prompt of prior years, this is your opportunity to highlight one of your most impressive accomplishments. When you think about the ideal topic for this question make sure you are pulling from all aspects of your life, not just work. If you have an impressive accomplishment in a volunteer or extracurricular activity, this could be an opportunity to showcase both the accomplishment and your commitment to the activity. While an incredibly impressive accomplishment may seem important to this question, it’s actually better to show the moments where you grew, changed or realized something crucial about yourself. If you were an Olympic gold medalist yet this objectively impressive accomplishment wasn’t meaningful in your life, it has far less impact in an MBA application. Even a seemingly humble accomplishment can be illuminated with your own reflection. That being said, this is also an opportunity to “brag” about a key achievement, and it should be something that you are proud of not only because of the result but also the process. Make sure you provide detailed information about your own individual contribution to the achievement to highlight your ability to lead and achieve through your direct efforts.

与往年的 “三个成就 “作文提示类似,这是你突出你最令人印象深刻的成就之一的机会。当你思考这个问题的理想主题时,请确保你是从生活的各个方面,而不仅仅是工作。如果你在志愿者或课外活动中取得了令人印象深刻的成就,这可能是一个展示你的成就和你对该活动的承诺的机会。虽然令人印象深刻的成就对这个问题似乎很重要,但实际上最好是展示你成长、改变或意识到自己关键性东西的时刻。如果你是奥运金牌得主,然而这个客观上令人印象深刻的成就在你的生活中并没有什么意义,那么它在MBA申请中的影响力就会大大降低。即使是看似卑微的成就,也会被你自己的反思所照亮。也就是说,这也是一个 “吹嘘 “关键成就的机会,它应该是你引以为豪的东西,不仅因为结果,也因为过程。一定要详细介绍自己个人对成就的贡献,以突出自己的领导能力和通过直接努力取得的成就。

Essay 2: Tell us about something you wish you had done better. (400 words)

In past years HBS has required an essay about a mistake. This essay is similar and asks you to consider situations that did not turn out as you wanted. As you think about a triumph in your life in essay 1, essay 2 leads you to consider a challenge. As you consider how to approach this question, make sure you evaluate how you were able to move past and overcome the situation. Leadership can be effectively formed through difficulty (often referred to as “crucibles”) and HBS is interested in your own personal reaction to setbacks. Are you someone who can effectively navigate disappointment? How do you react when challenged? Are you able to learn from experience?
As you recount the situation that you wish had gone better, it will be crucial to demonstrate what you have learned. Think about why you selected this specific experience and what change and growth resulted from the situation. This essay is your opportunity to demonstrate your maturity, flexibility and leadership qualities. New this year is the opportunity to “have the last word” in your HBS application. If you are invited for an interview you will be asked to submit an essay quickly afterwards. HBS is selective in the interview process and does not conduct interviews “blind.” Therefore, you will likely have a detailed opportunity to talk about your specific situation in the interview and also in the written reflection. Following the interview, candidates are required to submit a written reflection using our online application system. This must be submitted within 24 hours following the completion of the interview. Detailed instructions will be provided to those applicants who are invited to the interview process. This essay is your opportunity to leave a positive impression with the admissions committee and you should take full advantage to accomplish that goal. This essay is designed to give you an opportunity to provide all relevant information, even after you have submitted your application and conducted an in-depth interview. At that point you may feel like you have contributed everything you can to the application process. Therefore, it will be useful to think about how you will approach this essay before you are even invited for the interview. Before you select a topic for this question refer to your application strategy and list of strengths and weaknesses. Did you cover your key professional experiences? What have you demonstrated about leadership? If you have not addressed important extracurricular or volunteer activities or a story from your background that illuminates your interest in HBS and potential contribution to the class, this is the ideal space to provide that information.If you have an outline of what you are likely to write in this essay it will make it much easier to submit a coherent and self-aware essay in 24 hours. Then you can tailor the final essay to incorporate your perception of the interview and any thoughts about areas you could have illuminated further. Overall, the entire application should formulate a holistic view of you and your fit with HBS.

往年HBS都要求写一篇关于错误的文章。这篇作文与此类似,要求你考虑那些没有如你所愿的情况。当你在作文1中思考你生活中的一次胜利时,作文2引导你考虑一次挑战。当你考虑如何处理这个问题时,请确保你评估你是如何能够过去并克服这种情况的。领导力可以通过困难(通常被称为 “坩埚”)有效形成,HBS对你个人对挫折的反应很感兴趣。你是一个能有效驾驭失望的人吗?当你受到挑战时,你的反应如何?你是否能够从经验中学习?
当你叙述你希望情况变得更好时,展示你学到了什么将是至关重要的。想一想,为什么你选择了这一特定的经历,以及这种情况导致了什么变化和成长。这篇作文是你展示自己成熟、灵活和领导素质的机会。今年新增的是在HBS申请中 “拥有最后发言权 “的机会。如果你被邀请参加面试,你会被要求在面试后迅速提交一篇论文。HBS在面试过程中是有选择性的,不会 “盲目 “地进行面试。因此,你很可能在面试时有详细的机会谈论你的具体情况,也有机会在书面思考中谈论。面试结束后,候选人需要使用我们的在线申请系统提交书面反思。这必须在面试结束后24小时内提交。详细的说明将提供给那些被邀请进入面试程序的申请人。这篇作文是你给招生委员会留下正面印象的机会,你应该充分利用这个机会来完成这个目标。这篇论文的目的是给你一个机会提供所有相关信息,甚至在你提交申请并进行深入面试之后。这时,你可能会觉得自己已经为申请过程贡献了一切。因此,在你被邀请参加面试之前,就应该考虑如何处理这篇论文。在你为这个问题选择主题之前,请参考你的申请策略和优势和劣势清单。你是否涵盖了你的主要职业经历?你展示了哪些关于领导力的内容?如果你没有涉及重要的课外活动或志愿者活动,或者从你的背景中阐明你对HBS的兴趣和对班级的潜在贡献的故事,这是提供这些信息的理想空间.如果你有一个你可能在这篇文章中写的大纲,它将使你更容易在24小时内提交一篇连贯和自我意识的文章。然后,你可以在最后的作文中加入你对面试的看法以及对你可以进一步阐明的领域的想法。总的来说,整个申请过程中,应该制定出你的整体观点以及你与HBS的契合度。

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